Make your own Bottle Rocket Paraphernalia

Yellow Jumpsuits

The search for yellow jumpsuits has plagued Bottle Rocket fans from the beginning. Various sources have come and gone. I now know of 1 supply company that sells bright yellow jumpsuits. You can easily get yellow jumpsuits with reflective tape attached the arms and legs. Also, "Kill Bill" style with black stripes can be found easily online. But...we don't want any of that crap. We want a store that sells plain, long-sleeve, bright yellow jumpsuits so we can "order a dozen of 'em". It is very possible to make one yourself. Order a few white jumpsuits, some professional yellow fabric dye and get started.


The source to buy, instead of dye:

"I may have found a good yellow jumpsuit for sale on the internet. Here's a link:  I know the color says lime/yellow, but when you look at it, it looks pretty yellow to me." - Jordan B. 01/17/06 (Quote from actual purchase: "You wanted to know how the color is.  Well I do now understand why they say lime/yellow.  It is fire truck yellow, it is so blinding that I see spots on the walls after looking at it for awhile.  If you are going to be a total purest or a wanker about it then maybe it is not an exact match to the movie ones but maybe the color looks less intense on film.  More than good enough and I am kind of picky about this sort of thing.  If anything they are louder, but when wearing a jumpsuit to social functions the point is not to hide in the corner." - Jack 02/26/06)


This photo is of a BOTTLE ROCKET shirt that was printed by a professional screen printing company. Thirteen (1 sent for approval before 12 were made) red shirts with one color screen printing was about a hundred bucks on eBay. Half were given away to friends and family for Christmas and the other half were unloaded on eBay for about a hundred bucks. (No need to contact, this was in 2002 and they are long gone with no plans for more). The high-resolution file is provided below. You can submit the black and white BOTTLE ROCKET image to any professional printer in .gif format. eBay is a great place to: find inexpensive small-run printers, make some lucky people very happy to buy the extras, and break even on the expense by selling some extras.

Iron-On transfers are another way. This photo is off eBay from someone that used the iron-on transfer method of t-shirt making found on this site. I think the square shape of the transfer is unfortunately unavoidable. Transfers are made with white backing for brighter colors. The red and black printed on a white backed transfer ironed-on a bright yellow or white shirt might turn out a little better.

  1. Click on the thumbnail photo
  2. Wait for the high-resolution file to open
  3. Right-click (pc) /command-click (mac)
  4. Save the photo on your hard drive
  5. Pull the photo into a desktop publishing program, or MS Word can work
  6. Print on an iron-on transfer
  7. Iron onto shirt.

Iron-on Instructions (Instructions should come with your pack of transfers)

Bottle Rocket


Click on thumbnail and save the high-resolution .gif file:

NOTE: They make both clear and white backed iron-on transfers. The white backed transfers would work better if the color version was used.

Rushmore 1


Click on thumbnail and save the high-resolution .gif file:

Rushmore 2

Click on thumbnail and save the high-resolution .gif file:

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