Initial Five Years
Through a consistent regimen of activities, we begin to learn the craft.


A. Practice Jobs (Goals)

    1. Sharpen timing
    2. Be able to make errors in safe environment


B. First Real Heist (Goals)

    1. Assemble small team
    2. Create cash base


        Mr. Henry


C. Cultivate Relationship with Abe Henry

    1. Work with professionals
    2. Make name for ourselves

Anthony: Of all our goals the crucial one to bring to fruition is C. Mr. Henry


* Positive values



*Negative Values



The 2nd Five Years

D. Going Legitimate (w/ Mr. Henry)

    1. Make wise investments

    2. The Robin Hood Principle

        a. Establish good will within community
        b. Anonymous donations

E. Develop outside interests

        a. Travel
        b. Art
        c. Science


3rd Phase Years 10-15

Anthony the ideas for these years are ............*****


The Next 25 Years

F. Obviously these years will be heavily influenced by the years that precede them.

    1. Multiple accommodations

    2. When possible

        a. Meet people from foreign countries.
        b. Find ways to develop properties



Remember what Huey Long said, "You make your own opportunities"


Further Opportunities


"Ways of Success"

These are some plans for ways of success

    a. chances
    b. odds
    c. bet long


The Next Fifty


G. Keep working

    1. Keep developing

    2. No more crime

* Wives and family *
Very crucial

    1. Houses

        a. Beach house
        b. Town house
        c. Ranch

        d. Lake house




Living into 21st century


H. Anthony as you know there can be no way of looking this far ahead.

    1. Remain flexible

    2. Don't be too derogatory


I. Consider alternatives

    1. Within field

    2. Outside field

        a. College
        b. Higher degrees
        c. Honorary degrees


J. Why not plan ahead ......why not continue......*****



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