BOTTLE ROCKET Drinking Game 

Should Bottle Rocket have a drinking game? Drinking games that follow movies don't seem to be the most spontaneous of games...since we might know the movie too well. Even if the game never materializes it's still fun to think about. Here goes nothing...

 Possible events:

  1. If Anthony fixes his hair, drink 2 shots.
  2. If someone says "What?!", drink 1 shot.
  3. If Dignan points while he talks, drink 2 shots.
  4. If someone says "Jerry" or "Inez", drink 1 shot.
  5. If someone breaks the 3rd Commandment (i.e. "Goddamnit!", "God!", "Jesus!", "Jesus Christ!"), drink 2 shots.
  6. If someone says the word "sorry", drink 1 shot.
  7. Close-up camera angle, drink 1 shot.
  8. Others? - E-mail a suggestion and it can be listed here:
  9. Every time someone says "man" at the end of a sentence, drink 1 shot. - from Jason
  10. How about 1 shot and 1 beer when your hear "Ka Kaww Ka Kaww" - from Jayson S.

Start by:

  1. Pick and choose your numbers as a group.
  2. Agree to do all. Wow...might not be possible.
  3. Draw numbers out of a hat to decide who does what.

Variations and Handicaps:

  1. Switch shots with 6oz.(half can) of beer.
  2. Handicap by measuring different agreed upon amounts in 'fingers' (amount of fingers up the side of the glass / a simple way for inebriated people to measure liquids) before the game starts.
  3. Take the Texas theme a little to far, switch the shots with Tabasco, and literally get 'sauced'.
  4. Change the amount of whole shots taken at each event to weaken or strengthen game for everyone.
  5. Screw the game and "have a Tom Collins."


  1. Game officially ends when you can look your neighbor sincerely in the eyes and lip-sync Dignan's words at the end of the movie, "We did it though, didn't we?" and then they mouth Anthony's words, "Yeah we did it all right."
  2. Win?  Everybody wins.
  3. Don't drive, operate heavy machinery, or attempt to rob a bookstore.


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